After spending 6 months in Canada during the year of 2015, my husband & I, had the urge to go back to the beautiful city of Montreal. Our idea was to live there more permanently. We came to that decision for a couple of reasons: better work opportunities, apartment rent prices, quality of life, mind blowing landscapes, variety of parks, the wildlife (squirrels & raccoons!haha), food, activities, festivals and of course the amazing friends we made & the nice Canadian people, including my brother who’s established as a permanent resident of Canada for a couple of years already.

So once Romain got his Working Holiday Visa for Quebec (also known as International Experience Canada), our journey could finally begin. When you prepare any kind of immigration, you should keep in mind this simple tip : “Organisation is the key to success”.

Documents for Immigration

Some required documents will be systematically asked by the Customs and Immigration Services of Canada such as :
1 – Plane tickets
2 – Health Insurance
3 – Working Holiday Visa or any other work permit
4 – Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) which costs $7 CAD
5 – Attestations
6 – Funds proof
7 – Various

We booked our plane tickets with the airline “Air Transat” instead of “Air Canada” because we got cheaper fare to travel from Brussels to Montreal. It’s adviced to take your plane tickets as soon as possible, including the return tickets, to obtain the best deal.

“Air Transat” normally allows one carry-on baggage of 10 kg and one checked baggage of 23 kg per person in the economy class. But as Romain had his work permit, they allowed him to take one more checked luggage of 23 kg.

Suitcase with a Fake Raccoon Tail

The first rule when you organize your suitcase, is to put scotch tape on every liquid product you might have like shampoos, hair sprays, micellar cleansing water, tonic lotions, body & face creams, etc… That way, you will avoid spillings on your clothes!

If you have a lot of makeup, keep them into a beauty case or several cosmetic bags. Protect your makeup brushes as they are very delicate.

Makeup Brushes

For the luggage in general, put heavy items before and finish by the light clothes on top. Remember air is the enemy! So rolling clothes is the best technique to gain place in a suitcase.

If you are like me and suffer from air sickness, don’t forget to take an appropriate medicine before going on board. For me, the only cure that works is the “Transderm V Scopolamine 1.5 mg Patch” which prevents motion sickness for up to 3 days… It’s perfect for long journeys!

Motion Sickness Patch

We took off from Brussels Airport and this is the view we had during the flight :

The food with Air Transat in Economy Class was good and light at the same time. We had a small snack “Classic Pretzels” with a drink at the beginning of our flight. Than we had a smoked meat sandwich for lunch with a dessert and a drink. And at the end of our trip, we got a slice of pizza with a drink.

The light effects in “Air Transat” aircrafts are modern and enjoyable.

After 7 hours and 45 minutes of flight, we finally reached our destination with less than 7 minutes of delay. There were almost no turbulences and the journey was pleasant. That’s how we reached Montreal on the 1st of May 2017.

Landing View

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  1. Premier article trop bien détaillé, illustré et super agréable à lire! Can’t wait to read the following article !

  2. Salut les amoureux!!
    TOP!!les infos que tu donnes,pratique pour faire des longs voyages.
    Contente que tu fait un nouveau blog Nasreen.
    Hâte d’avoir des nouvelles de vous deux.
    Bises à vous deux

    • Salut Sophie! Merci, super que tu trouves les infos utiles 😉 Ça nous fait plaisir que tu lises notre nouveau blog 🙂 Bisous de la part de Romain & moi!

      • salut Nasreen !!
        sa me fait plaisir de voir ton blog, et au moins il y a plein d’info intéressant et sa permet d’avoir des nouvelle de vous deux,maintenant que vous êtes installer définitivement à Montréal.

  3. Excellent article. Besides the writing style I loved the fact that you wrote in English😀Next reason is your very practical advice for potential settlers to Canada.
    All the best to you and Romain
    Razi Uncle

    • Hi Razi!
      That’s great because everything in Canada is in French/English (Well mainly Quebec) but we need to keep practicing even if we can speak french here. We have settled in an English speaking area of Montreal.
      Thank you for commenting and following 🙂

    • Thank you Razi Uncle! 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed my writing, the fact the blog is in English & the content 😉 Love from both Romain & I !

  4. Oh, Nasreen and Romain!
    First of all, my best wishes for your journey.
    And, thank you for this article because I found it marvellously informative and useful!!! 😀
    I’m keeping reading!
    You, take care, enjoy and keep writing! ^_^

    • Thank you so much for your best wishes Dan, you’re an amazing friend!! I wanted this article to be helpful to people going through immigration. And also for those who are planning a journey. I’ll keep on writing and I’m happy that you’ll keep on reading too 🙂