Once upon a time… My husband and I fell back into our childhood. We rediscovered an astonishing world made of fantastic giant creatures!

Romain and I had to LOOK UP… WAY UP! Our eyes were lifted skyward to experience the marvelous journey of the Giants.

On the 19th, 20th and 21st of May 2017, three Giant Marionettes measuring more than 10 meters tall, took over Downtown and Old Montreal as part of the city’s 375th Anniversary Celebrations. This is a video that Romain has captured during the event:

Their journey began in the old continent: Europe. In 1979, a Theatre Company from France called “Royal de Luxe” was born in the city of Nantes. Since than, it has become the most famous French Street Troupe worldwide counting 61 creations and more than 22 million spectators.

The Giants have been traveling from one country to another but it’s the very first time, they have set foot in North American and Canadian soil. They had to face winds and tides to reach their faraway destination…

When they finally arrived, the Three Giants have been living among the Montrealers during one whole weekend. Let me reveal to you the tender beauty of these grandiose beings :

1 – The Deep Sea Diver (“Scaphandrier” in French).

2 – The Little Girl-Giant (“Petite Géante” in French).

Another short footage filmed by Romain of the Little Girl-Giant :

3 – Xolo, the girl’s dog.

These colossal puppets could move mechanically at a maximum speed of 2.25 km/hour with the help of more than 71 Lilliputians using ropes and pulleys. Just like humans, the creatures were able to walk, talk, drink, wash, sleep and do all sorts of other movements… Day and night, they occupied some of Montreal’s public spaces to tend to their daily activities.

We had the opportunity to admire the Little Girl-Giant wake up in the morning,

and take a shower :

Here’s the story behind their three-days performance:

The Deep Sea Diver arrived in Montreal from the St. Lawrence River. He was carrying with him, an old container filled with useless treasures found in sunken ships… A submarine compass, a ship’s wheel, a captain’s hat and many other souvenirs that he was looking at every now and then.

The Little Girl-Giant was among the glaciers of the Great North, trying to free her boat, which was wedged in the maws of two icebergs. With her dog Xolo, she finally reached the shore of Montreal where she could have some rest, sleep, wake up, take a shower, feed her dog and wander around the streets… All this with one purpose in mind : Find her long lost uncle!


On Saturday evening, the niece (The Little Girl-Giant) was finally reunited with her uncle (The Deep Sea Diver)!

The two Giants than spent the whole Sunday walking together in a Grand Parade throughout the city, which kicked off with a Departure Ceremony.

My husband & I can now proudly claim we have walked with the Giants in this larger-than-life spectacle. Here’s one more video clip that Romain has recorded:

We were lucky to watch these monumental creations come to life and explore the city. Their heavy steps stroke our imagination, and their gentle nature touched our hearts!

The creator, Jean-Luc Courcoult devoted his life to directing. He wished, more than anything else, to invent stories that would add new depth to reality by infusing it with history and poetry where it was least expected… With the Giants, he offered the whole world a magical universe, in the hearts of big cities, which were transformed into grandiose theatre stages. Jean-Luc Courcoult is still giving the public a chance to dream of a world where everything is possible!

This enchanting tale had to take an end. But Romain & I lived happily ever after…


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  1. My little mermaid is writing very well.A daughter follows in her mother’s footsteps. Keep it up.
    Love Mummy Mermaid.

    • Thanks a lot Mummy Mermaid! 🙂 The Giants reminded me of Gulliver’s Travels that you used to tell me all about when I was a child…

    • Glad you found this article interesting Kaleigh 🙂 I don’t know how long it took them but it must have been a gigantic work…

  2. C’est Magnifique !! ils devrais faire pareil sur Paris. Je trouve sa fantastique. C’est pas tout les jours qu’on vois des géants dans les rues.

    • Oui un spectacle de rue éblouissant… Si tu as l’occasion de les voir, je te conseille vivement! Il y a une belle histoire derrière les personnages et les mécanismes sont très astucieux!

      • Oui c’est magique !!! j’avais déjà vu mais sur Domont, mais sa fait super longtemps, mais c’étais pas si grand que ça. bah ouai j’aimerais bien voir, mais ici je sais pas si ils font se genre de chose dans les rues, en tout cas jamais vue sur Paris.

        • C’est super si tu as eu l’occasion de les voir il y a longtemps! 🙂 Je sais que cette troupe de rue vient de Nantes… Il faut te renseigner s’ils passent à Paris ou pas! Je sais qu’ils ont déjà été au Havre aussi…

  3. I’m fascinated, conquered, amazed and spellbound by this.
    It’s incredible and suggestive, to say the least.
    And the Deep Sea Diver, with the elmet on, and the giant Elephant are… I’ve no words.
    Really, thank you for letting us know about this wonder!!!

    • I knew this article would particularly touch you… The universe behind those giant creatures is magical and with so much of humanity at the same time… A truly wonderful creation I’m glad I could share with you 🙂