“The Jacques Cartier Bridge is a steel truss cantilever bridge crossing the Saint Lawrence River from Montreal Island to the south shore at Longueuil, Quebec, Canada. The bridge crosses Île Sainte-Hélène in the centre of the river, where offramps allow access to the Jean Drapeau Park and La Ronde Amusement Park.

Originally named the Montreal Harbour Bridge, it was renamed in 1934 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Jacques Cartier’s first voyage up the Saint Lawrence River.

The five-lane highway bridge is 3,425.6 m in length, including the approach viaducts. There are approximately 35.8 million vehicle crossings annually, making it the 3rd busiest bridge in Canada.”

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On the 17th of May 2017, the Jacques Cartier Bridge became the world first connected bridge to mark the 375th Anniversary of Montreal and the 150th Anniversary of Canada… A wonderful inaugural 30-minute light show designed by Living Connections, a group of engineers (WSP–AECOM consortium) and local creators, was revealed to a vast audience in the city. Romain & I were lucky to be able to take part in this monumental free event!

The system of varying colors and animation is scheduled to remain active during 10 years until 2027. People from Canada and all over the world will definitely have the desire to view this architectural icon. The Jacques Cartier Bridge might even become one of the most photographed bridge in the next couple of years…

The intelligent programming comes to live every evening by using big data in real time to activate LED lighting networks on the bridge superstructure. At the same time, the interior lighting network evolves with the change of seasons. At midnight, the bridge reacts like an urban clock. It cycles through all 365 colours which represent the 365 days of the year on its calendar, looking for the colour of the day.

Montreal’s energy is represented across 53 types of data, grouped in 11 categories to light the bridge including activities such as : the traffic, weather, news, noises in the city, activities on social media, major events etc… The system is able to track those data using sensors, cameras, hashtags, or even keywords on online platforms, making it the smartest bridge on earth… For more information on how the lights work, visit this official website : https://realisations.net/en/project/how-data-lights-jacques-cartier-bridge-en

Some colors are directly linked to the hottest topic of the day in Montreal media :

  • GREEN -> Environment
  • RED -> Society
  • LIGHT BLUE -> Technology
  • PINK -> Institutions
  • GREY -> Business
  • PURPLE -> Culture
  • BLUE -> Sports

This Jacques Cartier Bridge Illumination Project was financed by the city of Montreal, the Quebec Government, the Canada Government and Private Funding from 12 Great Montrealers at a total cost of $39.5 million. Here’s a video showing the concept of this gigantic project  :

The first lighting up of the bridge took place on the 17th of May 2017, the same day associated with the founding of Montreal in 1642 and officially kicking off the festivities for the 375th Anniversary of the city. More information over here: http://jacquescartierchamplain.ca/community-heritage/structures-and-projects/illumination-of-jacques-cartier-bridge/?lang=en

Romain and I had a magical evening filled with joy and emotions watching the fireworks and the spectacular Jacques Cartier sound and light show!


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    • Happiness is always better when it’s shared 🙂 So glad you enjoy discovering Canada through my articles! Love <3

  1. What a beautiful creation of mankind? You must have enjoyed watching colourful lights and fire works etc. We’ll definitely vist the place next year. Montreal has a rich heritage and you have chosen the right place to settle down. Wish you all the best. Papa

    • Yes, it’s a colossal project, making Jacques Cartier Bridge, the first “smart/connected bridge” in the world… Next time you visit, we will take you there by night so you can enjoy the magnificent lighting effects. Lots of Love!

    • I knew you would enjoy this article Dan! 🙂 An intelligent connected bridge, now how cool is that? 😀 I love the technology behind it and the fact it can reveal the whole city’s mood by collecting datas from social networks.