The 6th edition of Quebec’s Immigration and Integration Fair was held at the Convention Centre : “Palais des Congrès” in Montreal on May 31st and June 1st 2017. My husband and I were lucky to join that event as we had just arrived in Canada on May 1st.

Here are the different areas we could cover during our visit:

1 – Reception and job search assistance

2 – Settlement

3 – Employment and recruitment

4 – Education and training

5 – Entrepreneurship

6 – Opportunities outside Montreal

7 – Culture and recreational activities

8 – Conferences and workshops

9 – CV corner

10 – Express hiring

11 – International student space

12 – Photobooth

From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., about 180 professionals were receiving newcomers like us. They advised and oriented us in fields as varied as job search, training, networking, installation, housing, immigration, daily life, etc… The exhibition welcomed nearly 10 000 visitors from 100 countries. At first, Romain was a little stressed (as you can see on the picture below!lol) but very quickly he got all the information he was looking for! One thing you should know about Canadians is that they are very kind and non judgemental people in general. That’s a mentality Romain and I have always admired and it’s one of the reasons why we went for immigration and integration in Canada.

The coolest stand we came across while visiting the convention was the area dedicated to VR (Virtual Reality). Romain was totally in his element as soon as there was new technology involved!

Virtual Reality Stand

The program of the day included conferences and many other workshops. Romain and I decided to attend the CV area because we needed to retranscribe our CV’s into the Canadian format which is completely different from the European one.

We ended our visit by checking out PARKS CANADA. For their 150th Anniversary, all National Parks are accessible for free all over the country. We got our Discovery Pass which now allows us to plan a trip and explore Canada’s breathtaking landscapes!

To conclude this post, my husband and I were impressed by all the opportunities and services offered to newcomers. The free admission to that event was also a bonus! Do they have similar exhibitions in other countries to help out immigrants? I’m not sure of the answer… Canada is a very welcoming place like nowhere else on earth! If you know other countries doing similar integration events, do let us know in the comment section below!


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  1. Very useful information for newcomers. I doubt that there are many countries that can boast about their immigration policies like Canada.

    • And open-minded defines you Dan! 🙂 Romain & I are grateful to be surrounded by a supportive environment… Canada has many hidden treasures, which you will discover by reading my future posts! 😉 Take care!

    • Oui le salon était spécialement dédié aux immigrants et non aux gens simplement à la recherche d’un emploi… Car les exposants donnaient des renseignements spécifiques concernant l’intégration, la culture Canadienne, les services disponibles pour les nouveaux arrivants, etc…