It’s finally happened, my husband and I found our dream apartment in Montreal! We have been living here for 5 months already. The furniture’s moved in and the boxes were unpacked, so we gathered our friends on June 10th 2017 to celebrate our new home!

Here are 10 Ways to Throw an Awesome Housewarming Party and what you need to know to make your first housewarming party a complete success!

1 – Plan the event. Send out classy Facebook invites at least a few weeks before. It will give enough time for your guests to confirm their presence. Determine whether your party should be held in the afternoon or in the evening.

2 – Choose the type of food. The best option for this kind of receptions are the traditional appetizers and light bites. You could also elaborate a fancy dinner party according to your own preferences.

3 – Pour the drinks in American Red Cups! Romain and I couldn’t resist getting those cute little red cups from Dollarama at a great price. We were probably influenced by american movies where these cups were guaranteed to make an appearance at any house party scene… So yes, it’s festive and it’s a classic!

4 – Get creative with seating and give a group tour. Pull your dining chairs so that everyone can have a sit. People will want to visit your new place. Avoid giving every person a seperate tour, instead set a time when you expect almost everyone to be there and give a group tour then. If you live in an apartment, don’t forget to show off your balcony, terrace, rooftop, swimming pool, gym or any other cool features you might have.

5 – Capture the moment! Keep it old school by taking a group picture. This will ultimately become a sweet souvenir for you over time.


6 – Arrange the bathroom for guests. Your bathroom will get more traffic than usual so add air freshener, hand soap, toilet paper, extra towels and make them easily reachable.

7 – Make time to open your gifts. Usually at a housewarming party, there are no planned activities besides a possible tour, so opening your gifts while your guests are still around is a must. That way, you can thank them individually for their nice thoughts. Romain & I were lucky to receive a Master Chef Portable Propane Grill from our friends. A perfect idea to make BBQ’s during the whole summer.

8 – Strategically place food and drinks. It’s convenient to make a buffet so that the guests can get up and help themselves with whatever they would like to eat. The buffet table should be set in a central place to highlight your living room.

9 – Actually enjoy your own party. It might seem obvious but it’s surprisingly easy to turn into a mad person who’s cooking, serving, bartending all at the same time. Ask a couple of friends to take shifts giving you a hand in the kitchen & with the drinks so you can actually relax, chat with your guests and enjoy the music. If you have the funds, you could always hire a caterer.

10 – Write a thank-you note. Our friends left small notes along with their gift, congratulating and welcoming us into our new home!

It’s elegant and courteous to send a thank-you note to your guests after the party. We have modernized this old tradition by writing it through Facebook.

Any other suggestions to make a great housewarming party? Go ahead and tell us all about it or share your own experience in the comment section below!


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  1. BRAVO ! My darling daughter, you have made your mother proud.It is our tradition to entertain people and you have had enough experience in our house before marriage. Mummy Mermaid.

    • Thanks Mum! I’ve always seen you and Papa have those amazing dinner parties so I’ve learned from the both of you 🙂 Take care, lots of love!

    • Thank you Dan! Hope this advices were useful to you. If you have any other suggestions or ideas I didn’t mention above, don’t hestitate to share! 🙂