I made a short list of 5 aliments we tasted for the first time in Canada and that we thought you should know about, if it’s not already the case!

1 – Poutine :

This is a classic and a Canadian staple food! Originating in rural Quebec, this decadent dish is made of crispy French fries topped with cheese curds and then slathered in hot, rich gravy. Nowadays, the recipes are so diversified that you find countless variations of this traditional dish. In Montreal, Romain and I discovered 2 restaurants where poutine is in the spotlight : “La Banquise” and “Poutineville”. They each one have their very unique conception of poutine but overall, we appreciated both. Here’s the poutine I took at “La Banquise”. It’s called “La Taquise” and is composed of guacamole, sour cream and tomatoes:

2 – Big Mac Sauce : 

When my husband and I first discovered this sauce, the stock was still limited and not easy to find in every grocery stores. The sauce costs approximately $3.99 per bottle. The Big Mac sauce tasted very accurate to the real thing. The main ingredients are: egg, mustard, soy and wheat, so if you are allergic to any of those 4 things, you probably shouldn’t get this. Very authentic sauces from McDonald’s are now in stores and made by Kraft Heinz. If you are a big fan of McDonald’s, you’ll love the Big Mac Sauce. We found it great for Summer BBQ’s, burgers and on hot dogs.

3 – BeaverTails:

BeaverTails pastries are made with whole wheat and hand-stretched, then cooked fresh and served hot with the toppings of your choice: classic cinnamon, sugar, chocolate hazelnut spread, peanut butter, etc… There’s a BeaverTail for each and every taste and all levels of indulgence! Even Barack Obama couldn’t resist this treat and took one in 2009 when he visited Canada. The Ottawa-based company that came up with the original idea, exists since 1978. The stretching pastry has been called that way because it is shaped like a beaver tail. It is now one of Romain’s favorite desserts!

4 – Soft Serve Ice Cream :

We all have tasted soft serve ice cream… But in Canada, they are particularly delicious! This type of ice cream is softer than regular. Soft serve ice creams have been sold commercially since the late 1930s. It is generally lower in milk-fat (3% to 6%) than regular ice cream (10% to 18%) and is produced at a temperature of about −4 °C. I’m very fond of the mixture chocolate and vanilla as you can see in the picture below!

5 – Maple Syrup:

And last but not least: Maple Syrup of course! It was first collected and used by the indigenous peoples of North America, and the practice was adopted by European settlers, who gradually refined production methods. In the 1970s, the syrup processing was more refined due to advanced technology. Quebec is the largest producer, responsible for 70% of the world’s exports of Maple Syrup. My husband and I usually eat it on pancakes, waffles, French toasts, oatmeal or porridge. It can also be an ingredient for baking and used as a sweetener. Culinary experts have praised its unique flavour.

Any other food you discovered in Canada and that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments section below 😉

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  1. Coucou !!!
    Sa fait longtemps que j’étais pas sur ton blog, je suis beaucoup occuper, j’ai pas une minute a moi.
    On mange bien au Canada. Les frites c’est les même que les FRITES BELGES.

    • Hello Sophie! Oui on mange bien au Canada… En même temps, avec ce froid, on n’a pas trop le choix!haha 😉 J’en profite pour te souhaiter une merveilleuse année 2018! Gros bisous de la part de nous 2! 🙂