Eureka! Science Festival celebrates Montreal’s technology, innovation and creativity! It is a great family gathering for curious minds of all ages. Romain & I went to this annual festival offering free science activities and entertainment on June 9-10-11, 2017.

For children and students it’s a unique opportunity to meet more than 150 practitioners who are passionate about their professions. Here’s a short video of Quebec’s biggest celebration of science:

On Friday, Romain & I went to a 40 minutes lecture called “INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL TOWARDS THE NEW WORLD” given by the astrophysicist Marie-Eve Naud (Institute of Research on Exoplanets of the University of Montreal). We took a seat in the cockpit for a interstellar adventure! A daydream which made us discover the exoplanets and their landscapes as imagined by scientists and artists. We learned about Trappist 1, an ultra-cool dwarf star and the seven temperate terrestrial planets who have been detected orbiting it. Travel into space has always fascinated the most famous authors mind’s and we understood that science fiction could possibly become reality… It’s only a matter of time!

With Fab Labs, Romain got a lot of useful informations about 3D printing. In the Fab Lab of Griffintown, there is a robot project where the plastic parts were designed on the spot thanks to a 3D printer. Eventually, his eyes with cameras will make him able to welcome visitors and even recognize some of them…

“When we imagined the Eureka! Festival a little over ten years ago, we also had a dream: to create an event that would bring people together, young and old, and feed their curiosity about science and technology. Over the years, that dream has become a reality, and since 2007, more than 660,000 visitors have lived the dream with us,” said Richard Deschamps, Committee Chair, and Vice-President, Montreal, Learning City, Knowledge and Innovation Concertation on L’île du savoir.

Download the full program over here:

For its 11th edition, the Eureka! Festival was pleased to offer a program on the theme of Dreams because it inspire curiosity, and curiosity inspires discovery! Whether trying to push the limits of the known universe, improve the health of our planet or develop a revolutionary invention, scientists are driven and guided by their dreams and aspirations…

So let’s celebrate our dreams!


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    • This festival about science was very educational, we learned interesting facts through interactive activities. Knowledge is definitely power!

    • Thanks for your comment Dan! 🙂 Yes, I’m sure you would have loved those interstellar adventures 😉 And also Fab Labs who came up with a very cool robot project!