Atwater Market, established in 1933, was named in honor of the 19th century businessman and municipal politician : Edwin Atwater. Based near the Lachine Canal in the southwest of Montreal, this market place represents one of Montreal’s most beautiful buildings considering its unique art-deco style architecture.

No matter the season or even how cold or hot it gets in Montreal, Atwater Market is open the whole year! Here are the general opening hours :

Romain and I were amazed by the expertise of the merchants we met… They have been passing down their dedication and knowledge from one generation to the other. That’s how, over the time, Atwater Market gained a solid international reputation for a wide variety of fresh products such as : fish, cheese, meat, fruits & vegetables, maple syrup, chocolate, ciders, etc…

Here are some of the merchants categorized on the above map :

GILBERT JODOIN : Beekeeper & maple syrup producer, fruits & vegetables grower

SOS BOUCHER : Butcher & sausage maker

CHOCOLATS GENEVIEVE GRANDBOIS : Artisanal chocolate creator
BOUCHERIES & FERME SAINT-VINCENT : Producer of organic meat and poultries
LE VRAC DU MARCHE : Selling spices, nuts, balsamic vinegars, gluten free products


CHOCOLATS PRIVILEGE : Homemade chocolate factory
HAVRE-AUX-GLACES : Artisanal ice cream, maple products

G & P HORTICULTEURS INC. : Gardening items, flowering, annuals & green plants

LE PARADIS DU FROMAGE : Cheesemonger, wide variety of local and imported cheeses

LA POISSONNERIE DU MARCHE ATWATER : Family-owned shop, fresh fishes & seafoods

SERGE BOURCIER LE COIN GOURMAND : Artisanal marinades, jams, pies, pâtés

LA FROMAGERIE ATWATER : Over 800 cheeses, 500 imported beers, microbreweries

FLEURISTE CHEZ LOUISETTE : Florist since 4 generations

LES DOUCEURS DU MARCHE : Atwater Market’s food emporium

LES SERRES PINSONNEAULT : Horticultural producers for over 30 years
LES FERMES DU SOLEIL INC. : Family business, high quality fruits & vegetables

LES FERMES REAL DAUPHINAIS : Apple grower, fruits & vegetables from Quebec
FERME MICHACA INC. : Fruits & vegetables grower
LES SERRES JASMIN : Horticulturist, fruits & vegetables grower

FERME CONRAD PITRE : Strawberries, cucumbers, pumpkins, corn
FERME BEAUDIN : Greenhouse tomatoes, peppers, pickles, garlic
FLEURS DE MON JARDIN ET DES CHAMPS : Lilies, Peonies, Dalias and Sunflowers

WILLY HAECK & FILS : Large assortment of annual plants
FERME MICHEL MEUNIER : Sweet corn, Quebec strawberries, cultivated blueberries
LES FRUITS DE LA RELEVE : Honey, berries, flowers, cherry tomatoes

SATAY BROTHERS : Restaurant, Southeast Asian specialties
ROULE MA POULE : Cajun chicken, Niçoise salad, gazpacho, paella.
LA CABANE BAR LAITIER : Dairy Bar, Belgian chocolate dipping, ice cream, maple butter

On the 5/6/7th of May 2017, Atwater Market in cooperation with Fromagerie Atwater organized the event : Atwater’s Market Beer Festival. That’s how Romain and I discovered this popular market place with local and devoted merchants.

We got together with some friends and tasted a selection of Quebec’s best microbreweries and craft beers. Tastings cost was at $1.00 for two coupons, of which 50 cents were donated to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. It was pleasant to appreciate the festival while contributing to a good cause…

Here’s a list of the participating microbreweries:

All the beers at the tasting were also available for sell inside the market at Fromagerie Atwater. We had the opportunity this year at the festival, to check out the “Circuit des vignobles”. They were showcasing some of Quebec wineries.

Montreal’s Public Markets sold us reusable glasses for $1.00 to use for the beer tasting. Romain and I could take ours home after the festival as a souvenir!


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  1. What a wonderful experience. You can enjoy the food and drinks without thinking how much chemicals have been added. Farm food is free from it that’s why it is more expensive than processed foods. Enjoy ! Mummy Mermaid.

    • It was indeed a pleasant market place 🙂 You are right about farm food. Even if it’s not always possible, we try to avoid processed foods as much as we can… Lots of love! xox

      • Salut Nasreen
        MERCI!! tout se passe bien, il y a quelque jour ou il y a fait très chaud à Paris.
        Gros bisous à vous deux !

        • Coucou Sophie 🙂 Je suis contente que tu te portes bien. Oui, j’ai entendu qu’il y a eu la canicule, j’espère que ça va mieux là. Gros bisous!!

    • Haha I’m hungry everytime I take a look at this article! 😛 Did you know they also avoid wasting food? All the fruits and vegetables unsold, are offered in a fridge free of charge to people in need or with low income… A very human approach, right? 🙂

  2. This was so amazing… so enjoyable… and so mouth-watering!
    (I’m Italian, after all! ;-D )
    Oh, my… 800 types of fromage! *_*
    Imagine those who, throught the time, came up with them… *_*
    A very beautiful place, I could pass hours there, just admiring (well, ok, possibly even tasting something, hehe)…
    Merci beaucoup for this wonderful article! Enjoy! ^_^
    Yes, unprocessed food are definitely the best (and safest) choice!

    • I can imagine that as an Italian, food has a special place in your heart! 😀 Yes it’s incredible to find such a huge variety of cheeses… For chefs it must be paradise to add those fresh products into their recipes… You could indeed pass hours there because as the seasons change, the fruits and vegetables you get are different too…